Activities in Port Renfrew

Activities in Port Renfrew

Port Renfrew and surrounding areas offer a multitude of different activities. Whether you are a hard-core adventurer, fisherman, extreme relaxation specialist, Port Renfrew has you covered.
This is your definitive guide to all that can be done in Port Renfrew.

Trails and Hiking

Port Renfrew is nestled comfortably amongst an impressive network of trails. There is a trail for everyone in Renfrew – whether you are looking for a multi-day trek, an alpine experience or a casual coastal stroll.

Giant Trees and Ancient Rainforests

Amazingly, despite the history of extensive resource extraction in Renfrew, you can still experience ancient west coast forests and giant trees. The San Juan Valley, and West Coast of Vancouver Island produces some of the largest Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir in the world.


Saltwater fishing in Port Renfrew is well known on the coast for it’s rugged and productive salmon and halibut fishery. The creeks, rivers and lakes of Renfrew also provide ample freshwater fishing opportunities.

Music Festivals

Port Renfrew is home to Song and Surf Music Festival. An incredibly positive experiences for music and fun lovers alike.


Surfing the west coast of Vancouver Island is a popular and well known pursuit. Despite the ‘common knowledge’ that Tofino is the mecca, Port Renfrew and surrounding area offers uncrowded, wild beaches and consistently awesome surf breaks.

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